Food Photography in Metro DetroitI love shooting moody still life images. Onions provided an interesting subject. Warm tones, textured skin, circles and spheres are design elements I can work with. Afterwards, I made some delicious onion soup. I used Thomas Keller’s recipe in the Bouchon cookbook. Awesome! As always, I’m interested in your comments.

Red and Blue!

Long ago, I was inspired by Eric Meola. In the Black Book or Showcase, his pages always stood out. I can recall entire spreads of images that were just red and blue. He has continued shooting, using color in amazing ways. The red and blue together vibrate because it’s difficult for your eyes to focus on both at the same time. Hardly art, the lift truck does get a little zing from the blue background. Lighting helps too. Being from Detroit can have an effect on things besides cars. As always I am interested in your thoughts.

Detroit industrial Product Photographer

Detroit Gears

Industrial Photography in detroit

They look kinda like gears, but I’m not really sure what they are. They do look like Detroit! My job is not to use them, it’s to make them look good. Loads of texture from the rust. The color of the rust also compliments the color of the gears. Ordinarily, rust is the enemy, but in this case it provides contrast in texture. As ever, I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

Location Photography in Detroit

Location Photography in Metro  Drtroit

As I said before, I mostly shoot products and things. When I had the opportunity to shoot the Renaissance Center security officers, I jumped it. Location Photography requires thinking on your feet, and going with the flow. Working around the things that you cannot change, and working with the things that you can. I had phenomenal cooperation from everyone on the shoot day. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts.

Industrial Automotive Parts

I like nothing more than the challenge of making an automotive part look like an art object. To reveal the intrinsic beauty in the little connector that connects three tubes. It’s not important what it does – well, it is to my clients. I think the beauty is too. Happy New Year!Detroit Industrial Automotive Parts Photographer

Industrial Studio Photography

Self driving cars? In a few years, maybe ten. But now, there are self driving lift trucks! Bristling with redundant safeguards, these trucks will take a load of pallets and drop them in a specific spot in a warehouse, then return. In giant warehouses, it’s a pretty good trick! I got to shoot it in the studio. As ever, I am interested in your thoughts.Detroit Industrial studio Photographer

Fruit and Vegetable Photography

I recently was shooting artwork of Dennis Wojtkiewicz and I was inspired to try something similar. His paintings are frankly better than what I have done here (and worth a look), but it was a lot of fun and these aren’t that bad. There is an additional photo on the Studio blog. As always I am interested in your thoughts.

Watermelon onion Zucchini Cucumber Tomato

Industrial Product Photography


Industrial Product Photographer Thomas KirbyShooting industrial product photography is often challenging. In this case the goal was to create an exploded view of all the parts our client makes for this 8 speed transmission. Working from Jim Tocco’s layout we shot all of the parts with the proper perspective, angle and lighting, then assembled them later in Photoshop. As always I am interested in your comments.

Location Photography

Detroit location Photographer

Unexpected things are a constant when shooting on location. Some of those things are good, or great, but, there are also the unwelcome surprises too. The trick is to roll with the moment. Accept the positive, and roll the not so positive things over to the positive side. As it happens, this shoot went quite smoothly. I am always interested in your thoughts.

Location People Photography Detroit Photographer Tom Kirby

Wedding Rings

Jewelry Photographer Tom Kirby

We’re coming into the wedding season. I don’t shoot weddings, but I do shoot rings. My friend Richard makes jewelry in his Birmingham, MI shop. He’s advertising engagement rings and needed some photos. The challenge with stones is multifaceted. (sorry) When  you look at them in a shop, you move it around and it sparkles as the light bounces around inside the stone. Little points of light winking in and out of existence. When you shoot it however, you only get one angle! It’s possible to light it so it sparkles, but sparkle is a relative thing. Nothing is winking in and out of existence. As always I’d be interested in and comments.