Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear?

Well maybe not a silk purse, or come to think of it, a pig’s ear. Still, professional photographers are often asked to make great photographs from a plain or unfinished parts. Things most people would consider ugly or at least unattractive. Industrial or corporate photography is frequently doing this. Personally, I love the challenge.

Industrial and Corporate Photographer

Design is at the heart of interesting images. Many industrial parts have interesting design elements. I think it is necessary to see the parts as design elements, and not what they actually are.  Circles, lines, shapes, repetition, texture and color are all very helpful. The saw blade has a lot going for it from the beginning. It’s red, and round, and has a brushed finish, as well as a bunch of little holes that add interest. Add a contrasting color, an interesting viewpoint, lighting that accentuates these qualities and some post-production magic, now you’ve got an interesting photo.

Corporate Photography
The rolls of report binding tape, (would you have guessed that?) are similarly blessed with color, circles, texture and  repetition.Commercial Photography - Server Room UPS

The large network server Room UPS’s were in some ways, a greater challenge. Large black boxes with little decoration, functional, but not much to look at. I repeated the design of the grill as a surface for them to sit on, and they became moody monuments.

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