Web Directories for Photographers

Web directories are a great way for photographers to get noticed on the web. There are photographer directories that help people searching for photographers find them. A new directory called USA Photographer Directory seems to hold promise. It’s edited by hand, Advertising Photographer Tom Kirbyso there is an assurance of quality. Every listing is free; it does not sell links, as so many of the others. Navigation is intuitive, making it easy to find the photographer you need.

Other directories are worthwhile too. The Commercial Photographers Directory uses Google Maps to help you find photographers in your area. The Michigan Photographer Directory is a directory just for Michigan. General directories are valuable as well. Yahoo costs $299.00 a year (to pay the editors) and inclusion is not guaranteed. This seems odd on the face of it, but it is the feature that makes directories valuable. By having someone curate the directory, you reduce or eliminate spam and poor web sites. DMOZ is another good directory, and it is free because it has volunteer editors.

In general, it’s a good idea to stay away from photographer directories whose reason for existence is search engine optimization, that sell links, or promote themselves as being SEO friendly. What you want is for a directory to drive traffic to your web site that is interested in buying your services. If it helps your performance in search engines, that’s a bonus.

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