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Plumber Photography

It’s not often that I find myself lying on the floor in a public restroom. Well, not really public, but not private either. I suppose it doesn’t matter, any bathroom floor really. Anyway, I recently did a shoot for BrassCraft through Group 55 Marketing. Michael was a great model and the shoot went well. It’s funny, I sometimes mention plumbers when clients are surprised by our prices – “When was the last time you hired a plumber?”Detroit Photographer

As always, I’m interested to hear your comments.

Plumbing Parts Photography

Detroit Product Photographer Tom Kirby

Plumbing is one of my least favorite jobs around the house. It invariably means at least two trips to the hardware store, probably more.  Photographing plumbing parts is another matter. I did this shot while getting ready before my clients arrived. Anything shiny is fun and challenging to shoot. It did require a little clean up. Plumbing parts, like most things, are not made for photography. I love making ordinary objects look like  something special. As always, I am interested in your thoughts.