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Location Photography

Detroit location Photographer

Unexpected things are a constant when shooting on location. Some of those things are good, or great, but, there are also the unwelcome surprises too. The trick is to roll with the moment. Accept the positive, and roll the not so positive things over to the positive side. As it happens, this shoot went quite smoothly. I am always interested in your thoughts.

Location People Photography Detroit Photographer Tom Kirby

Wedding Rings

Jewelry Photographer Tom Kirby

We’re coming into the wedding season. I don’t shoot weddings, but I do shoot rings. My friend Richard makes jewelry in his Birmingham, MI shop. He’s advertising engagement rings and needed some photos. The challenge with stones is multifaceted. (sorry) When  you look at them in a shop, you move it around and it sparkles as the light bounces around inside the stone. Little points of light winking in and out of existence. When you shoot it however, you only get one angle! It’s possible to light it so it sparkles, but sparkle is a relative thing. Nothing is winking in and out of existence. As always I’d be interested in and comments.