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1966 Mustang

Metro Detroit Car PhotographerI recently met Barry at a parking lot where a lot of, well, car nuts (enthusiasts, whatever, this is Detroit!) hang out with their hot, customized, modified, cars. Barry’s 1966 Mustang has 500 plus horsepower under the hood, a strengthened frame so it doesn’t twist, because that’s a lot of power. It has a new hood scoop, tires, wheels, awesome! He brought it to the studio so I could photograph it for a day. This is the first of a few shots that I did. Afterword, I showed it to my friend Jim Tocco from Designers & Partners. He added some art direction and text. You can see the original here. As always, I’m interested in what Emmeline or anyone else thinks.

Detroit Gears

Industrial Photography in detroit

They look kinda like gears, but I’m not really sure what they are. They do look like Detroit! My job is not to use them, it’s to make them look good. Loads of texture from the rust. The color of the rust also compliments the color of the gears. Ordinarily, rust is the enemy, but in this case it provides contrast in texture. As ever, I am interested in your thoughts and comments.