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Food Photography in Metro DetroitI love shooting moody still life images. Onions provided an interesting subject. Warm tones, textured skin, circles and spheres are design elements I can work with. Afterwards, I made some delicious onion soup. I used Thomas Keller’s recipe in the Bouchon cookbook. Awesome! As always, I’m interested in your comments.

Fruit and Vegetable Photography

I recently was shooting artwork of Dennis Wojtkiewicz and I was inspired to try something similar. His paintings are frankly better than what I have done here (and worth a look), but it was a lot of fun and these aren’t that bad. There is an additional photo on the Studio blog. As always I am interested in your thoughts.

Watermelon onion Zucchini Cucumber Tomato

You Cannot Live on Bread Alone

While it may be true that you cannot live on bread alone, Zingermans’ breadProduct Food Photographer Tom Kirbycomes pretty close. I did not have to go to Ann Arbor to buy it, my local grocery store carries it. It is the best bread I’ve ever had, so it seemed a good subject for this still life. I thoroughly enjoy shooting rich low-key pictures. The fig jam is a nice extra element. As always let me know that you think.

Michigan Food Photographer

Food Photographer on Location

I recently had the opportunity to do some food photography at Isabella’s, a restaurant in the Soaring Eagle Casino. I spent the day there shooting in a separate dinning room so we would not disturb the patrons.

Isabella's Salmon - Food Photography on location

Working with an assistant, we brought in studio strobes, and set up at a couple of different tables. There was window light as well, so I used a mix of strobe and ambient light. I think it can be a little more interesting when there is a mix of light. The Chef was great, and we had lots of assistance and cooperation from everyone. We shot appetizers, entries and desserts. Food photography is always challenging and lot of fun. Unfortunately, there was not much time to do any gaming or see any shows.Food Photography


As always, I am interested in any feedback or response you might have. Please let me know what you think.

Food Photography

Metro Detroit Food Photographer

I love food photography, partly because I love to cook, and eat, but also because it’s quite challenging. Everything must come together at the same time. Often the window of time that food looks good is quite short, so everything has to be ready. Michigan Food PhotographerI think food stylists are absolutely essential. It’s true that they are expensive, and that they can slow things down, but the difference in outcome is dramatic. Really! Absolutely worth every penny. I’ve had clients tell me that their chef is great at presentation, but making food look good in a photograph is fundamentally different. This is especially true for advertising and packaging photography.

Food Photographer Tom KirbyGreat food photography starts in pre-production with meetings with the client / chef, the art director, the food stylist, and the photographer. Everyone has to be on the same page about the recipes, the look, the props, and the schedule. There is usually a lot more to pull together before a food shoot than for normal product photography. Before and during the shoot, client involvement, good communication, and teamwork are all essential.

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