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Jewelry Photography on White

Gold Jewelry Photography

This photograph is from a shoot Richard and I did a while ago. Not all pictures need to be dramatic, some only need to display the jewelry and describe it visually. One can think of this as an illustration, I suppose—but it still has to be attractive. It’s convenient for me that Richard makes beautiful jewelry. As always, I’m interested in what you think.

Jewelry Photographer

Jewelry Photographer

My best friend, Richard, created this gold necklace with diamonds. His hand is holding it. This is one of a series of images we’ve done with his hands. The jewelry pops off the black background, and his hand contrasts nicely with the jewelry. The photograph tells the story that this necklace was crafted by an artist. I like working with Richard, he has a finely tuned aesthetic and we collaborate well together.

Wedding Rings

Jewelry Photographer Tom Kirby

We’re coming into the wedding season. I don’t shoot weddings, but I do shoot rings. My friend Richard makes jewelry in his Birmingham, MI shop. He’s advertising engagement rings and needed some photos. The challenge with stones is multifaceted. (sorry) When  you look at them in a shop, you move it around and it sparkles as the light bounces around inside the stone. Little points of light winking in and out of existence. When you shoot it however, you only get one angle! It’s possible to light it so it sparkles, but sparkle is a relative thing. Nothing is winking in and out of existence. As always I’d be interested in and comments.

Jewelry Photography

Diamond Ring - Jewelry Photography

One of my best friends is a jeweler. I have been shooting his jewelry for years. He was in fact, one of my first clients. He is producing a brochure for wedding / engagement rings. The graphic designer on this project, Jim Tocco, is amazing! I have been working with Jim for decades. I have high expectations for the final piece.Gold and Diamond Ring - Jewelry Photographer Thomas Kirby

Working with Richard has always been a blast. Collaborating  with someone to create unique imagery is always exciting; Richard has a finely tuned aesthetic that is just different enough from mine to create a synergy larger than either one of us singly. I like the contrast between his fingers – the fingers of a craftsman, and artist, working fingers, dirty with polishing compound, and the perfection and brilliant beauty of the rings. There  is a literal contrast as well, of the dark hands and the shiny, sparkling jewelry. Richard will also use the images on the wall of his Birmingham shop, Grinstein Jewelry and design.

Unique Handmade Jewelry - Jewelry photography

As always I am interested in your comments or thoughts.